Cessna 162 Skycatcher

Intro Flights

New to flying? Try it on for size with one of our intro flights!

Intro and discovery flights are approximately 30 minutes in length, and you fly the airplane with an certified flight instructor! Bring a guest and a camera! Your intro flight even counts toward your private pilot certificate!

Aircraft Rental

Tired of renting worn out junk that no one seems to care about?  We have nice, safe, very well maintained, and properly insured airplanes.

Panel mounted GPS


Traffic and Weather

No fuel surcharges!

Bahamas approved!

Life vests Available

Online payment, scheduling, and dispatch!

Park steps from the airplane!

Cessna 172SP: $160*/169 per hour including fuel

KLN94 color moving map IFR GPS;  125kts; IFR certified; KAP 140 Autopilot w/ Altitude preselect

Tiger AA5B $160*/169 per hour including fuel

Very nice and speedy and sporty.  135kts true airspeed! New IFR-WAAS Garmin 650 touchscreen GPS!  Dual Garmin G5’s!  LPV;  HSI; Autopilot;  Traffic and weather. Connect your phone or pad to the system via bluetooth! Single-axis autopilot with course tracking.  New 406 Mhz ELT w/ GPS interface for added accuracy and safety.

Beech Duchess $329 per hour

IFR, Garmin 430 color GPS, auto-pilot; 155KT cruise

* 25 hours make and model required for solo flight

* $1000.00 Block rate discount (non-credit card transactions only)

**Insurance: There is an $10/hour insurance charge when flying without an instructor unless you provide proof of renters insurance

Fuel Reimbursement: We will reimburse you for the full amount of your fuel obtained while you travel!

Overnight:  3 hour minimum charge per 24 hours


Single Engine $59*/65 per hour

Multi-Engine $79/89 per hour

Owner aircraft additional $25 per hour

Ground Instruction

  • Single engine: $54/65* per hour
  • Advanced/multi-engine/Chief Instructor/Stage Check: $79*/89 per hour

*with $1000 block rate discount – see payment page for specifics

Commercial Pilot Services

Commercial Pilot Services:  (We fly your airplane for you!)

  • Half Day:  $450
  • Whole Day:  $650
  • Multi-engine/Turbine $550/850 half day/whole day
  • Jet CE510S  $650/950 half day/ whole day