Professional Airline Pilot Program

Accelerated program for corporate or airline bound students. Includes private through commercial multi-engine courses, housing**, and time-building.

Build your experience and resume’ flying as a commerical pilot in Florida and the Bahamas!

Phase I

Private Pilot Program $7,559
Instrument Pilot Program* $8,320
Commercial Multi-Engine Program* $12,655
Housing 6 mo.** $2,394
Phase I Total: $30,928*

(estimated time: 4-6 mo.; **est. housing, *time building included)

Phase II


Sun Air Express First Officer Program

Requirements:  FAA Commercial multi-engine land pilot certificate;

Only 250 hours total time required!

What you receive:

Paid flying hours Part 135 commercial pilot!  Build your time with an airline!

Hours Part 135 Commercial Pilot – Areas of Training
80 Ground School Airline Indoctrination and 135 Operations
40 Crew Resource Management
80 Ground School Piper Chieftan Systems
32 Piper Chieftan FTD Training
8 Line Observation Flights Piper Chieftan
1200+ Flying the line as Part -135 Paid First Officer at Sun Air Express!

(estimated completion time 9 mo.; includes housing, 250 hours as paid first officer)

* includes 50 hours time- building w/ partner

** estimated based on double occupancy based on estimated local rental rates. (TakeFlight does not provide housing but can advise you in locating housing through or local hotels etc.)