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Earn your private, instrument, commercial, instructor, or multi-engine certificates and ratings in less time and at a lower cost while receiving personalizeddedicated, one-on-one attention from experienced instructors and real-world pilots!  No low time “student” instructors!

Jake and Takeflight really was dedicated to my goal of completing my PPL in 5 weeks. It wasn’t easy … but we got it done!!! Thanks to Jake , Paul and Takeflight!

Scott M.

Thank you TakeFlight for getting me through my private pilot checkride! Paul and his awesome team of instructors kept me motivated to study hard and fly often. Definitely the place you want to be if you’re in the area and are looking for flight training!

Daniel B.

“TakeFlight runs a tight ship, pun intended. Paul and his instructors are great and offer excellent value for the money if you’re looking for any type of training. Their planes are great and priced right. Plus, being out of KFXE you get to understand the complexities of ATC from the beginning. Highly recommend!

Joe L.

“Three successful check-rides. SE added to commercial multi-engine certificate this year.
Great job, TakeFlight!

Sergey M.

“Paul and Curt did a great job helping me get my multi-engine add on rating. I felt confident taking the test after 8 hours of instruction (and I had zero multi time before this)!”

Howard G.

“I have a full time professional sales job that requires a lot of time throughout the week. I was looking for a flight school that could accommodate my crazy schedule while helping achieve my goal of acquiring my Private Pilot Certificate within 6 months at a lower cost and with more one on one than the big schools.

5 months a 1 week later it was accomplished!”

Chad F.

“Choosing the right flight school makes all the difference. I originally started training in Charlotte, NC. Like many flight schools, I was being trained by a pilot straight out of school. After moving to Florida, I decided to finish my training with TakeFlight. There is a huge difference between learning from a newly minted instructor and working with the instructors at TakeFlight, all of whom have many years of experience. ”

Brian W.

“I just finished my private pilot with TakeFlight . They are top notch! Reasonable rates when compared to other South Florida training/rental facilities. Their aircraft are properly maintained and the instructors are patient and witty. Training with them was educational and not boring. I would definitely recommend TakeFlight!”

Alex A.Aviation Executive and Aircraft Mechanic

“Being a foreigner, i did a long research, into flying schools, that will serve my purpose. I made the perfect choice by taking my flights with TakeFlight Professional Flight Training thanks to Paul Stagias who matched me with Curt and later on took over my training personally.   I am now a proud holder of an FAA Private Pilot  certificate (Single engine land, Multi-engine land, and with endorsements for complex and high performance) and on my way to instrument rating.  I loved the informal, easy yet professional and responsible approach in which they led me on the way to success.  Thanks guys!  And good luck to all your aviators to be.”

Amos R.

“I just finished my CFI and CFII ratings in a few short months!  If you want thorough, Cost-effective training for ANY type of flight training check out TakeFlight!”

Michael C.Flight Instructor

“Nice job! IFR, MEL, CPL is good result. Thank you, Paul! SE successfully added this year. Thank you again.”

Sergey M.

“As everyone has said, Takeflight has been a 100% positive experience. The instructors are very professional, flexible with the schedules (I’m talking 6am flights), the equipment is extremely nice, and the prices are great.  I can’t think of one negative to working with Paul and the group to get your PPL, instrument, Commercial or multi-engine.”


“This is THE flight school at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport. At TakeFlight you aren’t treated as just another number. In a time and city where customer service is hard to come by, TakeFlight proves it’s not dead. The service is top notch! I did my Private Pilot here, continue to use them for my plane rental needs and will hopefully be doing my instrument rating this summer. Would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!”

Jim M.

“I have done all my certificates and ratings from zero time with TakeFlight and am now instructing!  Expect quality one-on-one Instruction , well maintained aircraft, good value, and easy scheduling options are what you are going to experience at TakeFlight.”

Michael CFlight Instructor and Airline Captain

“It would have been easy to end up in a pilot mill flight school program that would have been a frustrating fit for me.  Glad that didn’t happen.  Not all flight schools are the same, like any business, there are always ones that excel and shine, like TakeFlight.  I got my instruction from Paul and Michael.  Ask Paul about Michael’s own success story at TakeFlight, he went from no flying to an airline job, fantastic!”

Ron R.

The best pilot school in Miami period. If you are still hesitating – go an meet the crew right now. This company belongs to a highly professional pilot that will make sure that you are way above FAA standards and will be a safe/ well trained member of aviation services. Paul (owner) and Jake DeMeo (chief instructor) helped me to get my private pilot easy and for about 1/3 a price of an ATP or any other “big” school. Start flying today, we only live once.

Pavel K.

One of the most realist flight schools in South Florida. I would highly recommend this flight school if you’re looking to start your flying adventure. Paul at TakeFlight gave me straight up answers and did not set unrealistic expectations. I sampled other flight schools before starting, only to find out they were all full of it. Needless to say I’m glad I chose TakeFlight and how flexible it was for having a full time job. I will be continuing on with this flight school for my instrument and commercial! Prices are very reasonable and the planes are always maintained in pristine condition.


Jake and Takeflight really was dedicated to my goal of completing my PPL in 5 weeks. It wasn’t easy … but we got it done!!! Thanks to Jake , Paul and Takeflight!

Scott M.

We are active corporate pilots and instructors so reaching us by phone can be difficult.  For the most efficient and timely response, please contact us at TakeFlight.us/contact

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