Instrument Rating

The Instrument Course covers basic flight instrument operation. The program stresses attitude instrument flying techniques, instrument departure and approach procedures, and instrument en-route and cross-country navigation techniques while in actual or simulated weather conditions with references solely to the flight instruments. All instruction performed by highly experienced fight instructors.

Sample program based on FAA Part 61 minimums:

15 Hours dual Piper Warrior $2,430
25 Time share w/ partner ** $1288
10 Hours ground/additional Instruction $490
1 FAA check ride examiner fee $450
1.5 Hour check ride plane rental $170
1 Gleim Instrument knowledge test prep manual/software $80
1 Written Test $150

Additional recommended training, equipment and supplies:

10 Hours instruction ground/flight $490
1 Jeppesen Instrument Manual $80
1 Jeppesen Instrument Syllabus $22
1 Jeppesen Instrument Charts – Trip Kit $45
1 ASA/Jeppesen Chart Binder $20
1 View limiting device $30

*Total course cost is estimated and reflects FAA minimum requirements.

**Need time building? Part 61 requires 50 hours of cross country PIC – split costs with a partner and build 50 hours for as little as $2,575!