Sport Pilot Certificate

Short on time and just want to fly recreationally in a light sport airplane? Earn your Sport Pilot Certificate in as few as 20 hours! In most cases a medical is not required!

The Sport Pilot Course includes:

Airplane ground operations, take-off and landing, basic flight maneuvers, navigation, weather, and emergency procedures.

Additional focus on: airport operations and procedures, air traffic control procedures, radio communication procedures, enabling you to fly in controled airspace with your sport certificate.

By doing your training will a fully certified FAA instructor (rather than a restricted sport pilot only instructor) all your training hours will count toward future certificates and ratings if you decide to upgrade.

3 Aviation Charts – Sectional, TAC, AFD 25
15 Hours Dual Instruction light sport aircraft* 885
5 Hours Solo light sport aircraft
1 FAA Written Test 150
3 Hours Ground School – Practical Test Prep 177
1 FAA Check ride – examiner fee 450

*Instruction cost only, no aircraft provided – bring your own LSA!

Recommended supplies and equipment (sample):

1 Gleim Sport Pilot Written Test Prep 20
1 FAR/AIM Regulations Manual 20
1 Aviation Headset ($100 – $1,000) 150

*This is a sample course for estimating training costs and includes the FAA Part 61 minimum required 20.0 hours of flight time (your actual training time may be higher depending on frequency, aptitude, study habits, etc)